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Tour Verona and Lake Garda
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Visit the beautiful and romantic city of Romeo and Juliet.

Immortalized by Shakespeare in "Romeo and Juliet", the beautiful city of Verona is known worldwide for the Arena, an extraordinary scene of the opera.
Many other treasures of art and culture, enshrined in the bend of the Adige. However, await visitors.


An important town in Roman times, and yet at the time of the Goths and Lombards (who founded influential monasteries, including S. Zeno), in sec. XII Verona was common and even the papacy (with Pope Lucius III, who is buried in the cathedral) and from 1262 to 1387 splendid court Scala della Signoria. From 1405 to 1796 was subject to Venice, the Austrian Empire from 1814 to 1866. Of all the seasons of history are valuable signs.
Il Giardino Giusti, in the neighborhood of the left bank Veronetta , is a relaxing green area in the city. Italian-style accommodation, and there is also a labyrinth path in the box in 1786. Ancient trees and lawns surround a sixteenth-century building, forming an oasis of calm where you can enjoy moments of peace and meditation.

itinerariThe Garda is the largest Italian lake as well, and not just recently, the most frequented , by tourists, both Italian and foreign. It occupies a long Intermonte furrow that widens towards the plain with an area of ​​368 sq km, a perimeter of 162 km, a length of 52 km, a width between 2.4 and 17.5 km and a maximum depth of 346 m.

Sung by poets and writers (from Catullus to Joyce, Goethe and D'Annunzio), the lake combines the charm of nature and landscape, beautiful and varied, the call of history. It 'a kind of open book, in which architecture and countries tell a complex story.

The water clear and clean, never too cold, sunny beaches, mild climate, Mediterranean vegetation of vines, olives, citrus, palms, oleanders, land products such as oil and wine, modern infrastructures for sports and leisure time all contribute to making the lake Garda , a small  oasis "marina".