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Italian Itinerary: lake como
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Visit the city of Como and boat trip on the lake to admire the magnificent villas.

Lake Como, with an area of ​​146 square kilometers is the third largest Italian lake after Lake Garda and Lake Verbano. Its characteristic inverted Y shaped is given by the three branches: Colico north, south-east Lecco, Como in the south-west, with a perimeter of 170 km overall.


The maximum length among and Gera Lario Como, is 50 km, the maximum width, between Fiumelatte and Cadenabbia, is 4.4 km and the minimum between Careno Torriggia, is 650 m, maximum depth, and between Argegno link, is 410 m ( highest lake in Europe), the average height above sea level is 199 m.

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Along the banks of the lake, in particular from Cernobbio to Gravesend, and Bellagio, you will see wonderful villas and gardens with plenty of flowers and exotic plants and rare.
Historical land transit between the Po Valley and the lands beyond the Alps, Lake Como retain it in its historical centers, important artistic and architectural traces of the past.